Between and rock and a Pinterest board…

There should really be a rule or some cut off date prior to an event that disables your Pinterest account. At least 10 days before hosting or attending an event, your Pinterest should blow up. The WORST thing you can do, as a hostess for a party is continue to revisit Pinterest boards, search new pins, and attempt for the first time some lame ass crafty project in hopes that you’ll nail it on the initial try.

By now, Pinterest is a household name. A name most men laugh at and most women hold as a standard for craftiness and DIY. I have the extreme honor of hosting a baby shower for my little sister this weekend. I have actually never before been excited to be part of a baby shower so much as I am this one. Probably a direct result from my obsession with photographing babies and having a baby shower means I’m getting closer to having a new baby to steal for pictures.

Anyhow, back to my Pinterest story. Here we are the week of the event and all my great ideas are still on paper. I have been doing nothing but gathering ideas for this shower since I found out she was pregnant. After all, she has thrown 2 showers for me so the least I can do is return the favor to the best of my ability. There are so many ideas that I want to bring to life, knowing that almost nobody would even care about them except for me!  I can’t give too many of them away because there is a very good chance I will pull a few all nighters to make sure this shower looks and feels the way I want it to. I expect my photos of the event to be future Pinterest standards. I can say a few things about Pinterest projects as they relate directly to this shower.

1) ANY event detail that includes tons of floral arrangements… were freaking expensive AND done by a florist. Ain’t nobody gonna find that many peonies and have them all arranged so perfectly among the vintage serving dishes.

2) ALL that vintage serving ware was rented. Do you know how hard I hunt for this stuff? One day, someone will appreciate the napkins and doilies that I am stashing.

3) MOST of those desserts, were store bought or made by a professional. Sure your blackberry marshmallow bourbon shortcake on a stick looks like it was easy to whip up. Forget it. Hours of labor and splintery sticks were involved.

4) NEVER EVER EVER try to be a calligrapher. Just type out or purchase an Etsy listing for your damn signage. Pffff. I’m too late for that so you lucky guests this weekend will be subject to my handwriting.

5) This is the most important. DO NOT THINK you’re going to get away with all 562691 ideas or concepts that you have pinned. At best, pray for 1 or 2 to be successful. Regardless, everyone is going to ask you if you got your ideas from Pinterest and you ain’t gots to lie and act like you’re even that creative. Just nod and laugh. Of course, Pinterest baby.

I’m off to bandage and nurse a DIY spray paint trigger finger wound.


A few snaps from this weekend.



  1. Gigi Marlis

    May 28, 2013 at 10:00 am

    Cute – relax – it will be great. Wish I could be there. Love to all.


  2. Sarah

    May 30, 2013 at 10:07 am

    Eeeee! I’m excited and can’t wait to see it all come together!


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